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Elude was founded over 4 years ago and is a popular email client and exchange among darknet users. Elude offers a secure email built on squirrel mail and requires no personal information to create an account.




Established circa 2014, Mail2Tor is a free anonymous e-mail service to protect your privacy. It allows anyone to send and receive email anonymously via webmail or with an email client.



DNMX or Dark Net Mail Exchange is a free to use email service established 2019. From the site: We don't care who you are and will never ask for your information or reveal your identity; this is the dark net after all :), We encrypt our servers and make the best effort to secure our site, but you should never trust us.



Established circa 1999, Riseup is a volunteer-activist-run collective providing secure email, email lists, a VPN service, online chat, and other online services. It has millions of registered users and is popular among the hacker community.



ProtonMail is a Swiss email service founded in 2013 and features end to end encryption. Email are fully encrypted before they are sent to their servers, Protonmail claim that they can never read your emails because of this encryption. Changing your password on ProtonMail will render all of your previous emails unreadable due to the change of encryption key.