Dread is the hub of the darknet with hundreds of thousands of registered users and millions of viewers, it is a reddit style discussion forum focused on all categories of the the darknet. Dread was founded in 2018 by Hugbunter, a well known darknet pen-tester and security expert after reddit performed a site wide ban of all darknet related channels.

Paris is the co-admin of dread and they have a small team of site wide moderators and subdread moderators.

Dread has hundreds of thousands of registered users and millions more viewers, it is the most visited platform on the darknet.

The Hub

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The hub is a forum with a focus on darknet markets, It was founded around 2014 but has suffered long periods of downtime and has been restored from site backups several times. You must be a registered user to view the discussions on The Hub, registrations are frequently closed.

The Majestic Garden

http://tmglsd2i7wmkjg2fmc6jhd77yu4ogsjqupsc4jw22ebbfnnwc7swmuqd.onion http://garden2b7zwrjskh2y3f4pkscgg2waogjp2ilax2mvikjlzmamylznad.onion http://garden4vzvrzyp4tks7llcwlynykllpq7qmm6jvuzf3dgsg5jowzenad.onion http://gardendk7zczucz2shdjqhyas567p4nvvoq24tvtyno27jf2fqyd3kyd.onion

The Majestic Garden (TMG) is a forum that allows peer to peer transactions to be conducted through the forum. TMG is almost exclusively focused on psychedelics.

TMG registration is usually closed but registration is opened every couple of months, invite codes can be shared by users that are already registered and this will allow you to skip the waiting period.

Deutschland im Deep Web


The biggest German speaking forum for all darknet related information.



Founded in 2017, CryptBB focuses on hacking, security and anonymity by offering customized security measures to all users and a secure environment where users can discuss and trade in total security, anonymity and privacy.



Endchan is an anonymous image and discussion board covering a wide range of topics.

Rutor Russian Forum


Popular Russian speaking forum that allows transactions to be conducted on the forum.