Monopoly Market

Launched 2019, Monopoly Market is the first market to offer an accountless experience.       

Users are not required to create an account when shopping with Monopoly Market, instead each order is given a unique order code that must be saved in case of order issues.

Monopoly Market offers a relatively small selection of vendors, however this is by choice as vendors on Monopoly market must be up to the highest of standards and are heavily vetted before approval to sell here.

Monopoly accept Bitcoin and Monero and operate a primarily direct deal market, this means most payments are not held in any sort of escrow and are released directly and immediately to the vendor. Monopoly can operate this way due to their vetting process and high vendor standards.

a small amount of newer vendors with little history can sell at Monopoly market with admin approval. However these vendors must use escrow, have limits imposed and are carefully monitored.

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