Fast and lightweight page, no images, ads, affiliates, tracking or javascript. This page exists to disrupt the flow of phishing links.

There are thousands of phishing pages dedicated to stealing information, credentials and money from darknet users. These phishing pages often rank high in search results because of their use of javascript, tracking and SEO tools and wordpress. This means that legitimate link directories like this and others ( are not easily found by darknet users.

The Darknet Collaboration attempts to shift this balance by registering hundreds of relevant domain names and displaying only legitimate darknet links, resources and information on those domains. Eventually creating an environment where phishing pages are pushed to the bottom of search rankings and legitimate darknet information sites can be found easily by users.

The list of registered domains that are part of The Darknet Collective will be updated periodically at the bottom of this page.

Always verify your links.

Clearnet browsers will usually save you from malicious websites and typing errors, on the darknet you alone are responsible for your own safety. Visiting a phishing page could result in a loss of funds, or worse anonymity. Read the darknet market bible before anything else. This will give you a clear understanding on how to properly verify links via PGP.

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