Below is a quick start guide to starting your darknet journey.

Download the Tor browser here.

Onion services can't be accessed through your everyday browser, the Tor browser is the official browser for the tor network.

Visit Dread Link here

Dread is the hub of the darknet with hundreds of thousands of registered users and millions of viewers, it is a reddit style discussion forum focused on the darknet. Any information you are looking for can usually be found at dread. News and security alerts usually appear on dread before anywhere else, it's a good practice to make dread your first stop on the darknet.

Read the DNM (darknet market) Bible

The Darknet Market Bible was written to help prepare people to order from darknet markets but it also contains a lot of the information needed to stay safe on the darknet. This includes secure operating systems such as Tails, how to secure your communications with PGP encryption, email and messenger information, cryptocurrency and other tutorials.

Always Verify your links.

There are thousands of phishing pages dedicated to trying to steal your personal data, login details and money. Phishing pages are clones of a real website, usually these phishing pages are identical to the real website you are trying to visit. You will be able to login and interact with the phishing page exactly as you would with the real page, but the phisher will be able to harvest your details, steal any information you submit through the phishing page such as financial or personal details and in the case of markets or exchanges steal your cryptocurrency. All links displayed on this site have been verified before listing, but you should still always verifiy your own links.